Every teenager wants to fit in, and Christian Pearson is no different.  He is a phenomenon on the athletic field and in the classroom, but a terrifying accident on a fishing trip with his grandfather changes Christian’s life forever.  As he enters his freshman year of high school, Christian hides a secret that he plans to take to his grave.

When the Pearson family moved from the city to the sleepy town of Red Oak, Iowa, before his freshman year of high school, Christian hoped for a smooth transition to small town life.  Being the new kid in school has been a blessing and a curse.  Most of the boys in Christian’s class view him as a threat, so Christian struggles to fit in, but as an outcast, his secret is safe.

When three freshmen, all from the same family, start school a week late, Christian senses something different about these new students.  He reaches out to “The Three,” seeking some semblance of friendship in his new hometown.

When “The Three” confront Christian about the secret he hides, Christian is faced with a huge problem.  Will keeping his secret hidden cost Christian his friends, his family, his freedom, and even his life?


Artwork by Leah Amirouche

  1. Dean Raabe says:

    Wow1your parents must be proud of your work.

  2. M. Jenkins says:

    Chris !!! Holy crap you’re a real writer. Good for you. This book sounds very interesting… and has a lot of similarities to a kid I went to school with… Congrats!
    M. Jenkins 🙂

  3. Jan Burnison says:

    Hi Chris,

    Jill just told me about your incredible book!!! I passed the info on to both our WIS and MS principals. Jill has their phone numbers for you. I have let them know you will be calling to see if we can set up an author visit. I can’t wait to read your book!!! Such a thrill knowing a former RO student is so talented.

    Hope to see you at WIS!!

    Jan Burnison

  4. isaac birt says:

    this sounds really interesting chris by the way i am from red oak ia washington scool.

  5. isaac birt says:

    awesome book by the way best book ever

  6. isaac birt says:

    you are fuuny duck

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