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Randa Hazzard of Omaha, Nebraska requested a song to go with my midlife crisis on the horizon.  Her idea was to take 22 by Taylor Swift and make it 42.  I am a fan of parody and Weird Al, so I cranked out some lyrics to be sung to Taylor’s tune.  I hope Taylor doesn’t mind.  You have my permission to make a youtube video.  Just make sure you send me a link to add to my blog.  Click on the 42 song below and play Taylor’s song in the background to see how I did.

42 song



Posted: May 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I was notified today by an Omaha World Herald article that I am about to hit my midlife crisis.  I am almost 42, and according to Spotify, a streaming music giant, that is the average age for a midlife crisis to occur.  Of course, a music website can calculate my midlife crisis by tracking the music that I listen to; what was I thinking?  We are in the age of technology, I guess.

The problem is that I thought I hit my midlife crisis two years ago.  I thought I was a high ability midlife crisis-er.  I was fast-tracked in the world of midlife crisis.  Thank you, Spotify, for ruining my utopia at 41.  I guess I didn’t hit my crisis already.  Crap, things can get worse! And I don’t even use Spotify… How did they know?

I really would like to chat more on this topic, but with the Ash Borer Beetles coming soon and a midlife crisis in about 6 months, I really need to focus on more important things.  Maybe Spotify can tell me how I can get to a soccer practice and two track meets on opposite sides of town all at the same time.  Yeah, didn’t think so Spotify.

Is anyone going to be at Bryan High School on Friday so I can have you skype me into my daughter’s races?  I don’t have time for a midlife crisis now… I have three daughters in sports.