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I just don’t get people.

The news broadcast tonight on the local affiliate in Omaha gave me a gem to contemplate tonight.  Cameron Mayfield, according to the report, committed what prosecutors are calling a felony arson because it falls under the category of “Hate Crime.”  What was this hate crime he committed?

He burned a rainbow flag that he grabbed off of  Ariann Anderson’s and Jessica Meadows Anderson’s front porch at 12:30 in the morning after going out drinking.  The Andersons witnessed the entire event.  Mayfield and the Andersons don’t know each other.  The article is actually comical because a normal human being who spent any time on a college campus gets what happened. (article)

Okay, the dude is 23 years old.  I sort of remember 23, but it is a little hazy.  Now, the following is all speculation.  Guy is walking home from a local pub because he doesn’t want to get a DUI.  Dude sees a rainbow flag next to a Husker flag.  “What the heck?” he says to himself.  “Who puts a Hawaii flag next to the SKERS?!”  It makes perfect sense when you have been drinking.

In no way do I condone the actions of Mr. Mayfield.  He was wrong to burn the flag, but is it a hate crime?  No freaking way!!

The guy made a mistake.  The guy did something stupid.  The guy needs to pay restitution.  The guy needs to be cited.  The guy probably had a rough week and was blowing off steam.  It wasn’t right, but it wasn’t a hate crime.

Now, the Anderson couple, they are priceless.  Listen to what they said.

“What became so clear to us after Saturday night, is that the intent really does make a difference. Seeing him waving that burning symbol of a controversial, and inherent part of our being(s) as a minority, in front of our house as a clear message, made it scary. It made it an attack as opposed to a prank.”

They have filed for a protection order against Mayfield.  Again, here is what probably happened (total speculation):  Dude lights the flag on fire in the street and then he imagines he is in a war movie because the guys at the bar were probably talking about their favorite scenes before he left.  I can picture him waving the burning rainbow flag while yelling “Bring the rain!” (which is a line from one of the Transformers movies, a favorite of mine that I will say to my kids or the neighbor kids in the back yard when I am beating them into submission in a game we are playing.)

No, I am not literally pounding on them so child protective services calls do not need to be made.  Again, let me point out that I don’t condone this action by Mayfield… I feel like if I don’t restate this, the LGBTQ community may retaliate against me, which by the way, probably would not be considered a Hate Crime.

The real question here is this… WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?

Yes, Mayfield did something dumb.  I don’t condone it, but not a hate crime.

Try having a Nebraska flag on your front porch in Boulder, Colorado.  You want to hear hate; they don’t like us much out there.  I would be a minority in Boulder.  If they burn my flag, is it a hate crime?  Nope.

You ever see how fans treat officials.  Being an umpire isn’t easy.  I have had a few slurs thrown my way, and umpires are definitely in the minority.  They hated me at times, but it wouldn’t be a hate crime.

Hypothetically, I have Christmas decorations in my yard.  Some drunk high school kids who are part of the LGBTQ community come by and trash my Nativity scene by kicking the crap out of my wise men.  That’s right, not a hate crime.  Hate crime doesn’t apply to Christians who have property destroyed.  I don’t hear an outcry of hate rhetoric for Christians who are targeted.

Aren’t all crimes committed out of some form of hate.  The real issue here is this, dude was dumb, dude pays up, life should go on.  Don’t kill the guy for it, don’t ruin his life, don’t grow this into something it isn’t.

You want to talk about hate crimes… what our government did to the Autobots in Transformers: Age of Extinction is a hate crime by our government.

If you don’t appreciate watching the Transformers, that is a crime…

but not a hate crime.  Now, when you are up against a real threat to humanity, that’s when you “Bring the Rain!”