ON THE RUN – synopsis

Christian Pearson and his fellow Phenomenon Children are in serious peril. Each of them possesses a special gift, and the government knows it. Wanted, they are on their own with no one to help them stay hidden. Each turn could spell disaster, but they have to keep moving.

This sequel to The New Phenomenon takes the reader on a wild ride, from the backroads of rural Iowa, to the highways of Nebraska, and the mountains of Arizona. Chris Raabe weaves a fast-paced race-for-your-life story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Where can the four Phenomenon Children go for help? Who can they trust? Every decision they make could be their last, but they have to stay on the run. When they finally escape from what they fear most, an even greater danger looms…

Order ON THE RUN here.


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