Behind the scenes of On The Run

  The working title for Book 2 of The Phenomenon Trilogy was Dark Phenomenon. When you finish this book, you will know why. I wrote this manuscript during the summer of 2010. My first installment was not anywhere near publication, but I thought I should continue the story, just in case it caught on… and I really liked writing the first one. This one was no different.

  My goal was to take my readers on a gut-wrenching journey of twists and turns so that the only people the reader would trust were the four teens avoiding capture. Based on the feedback of my students, who have already read this book, I did the job. My readers trust no one but Christian, Sam, Ray, and Alexis.

  Many of the locations in this book are actual places with changes to serve the purpose of the story. I used familiar towns, so Grand Island and Phoenix were easy to write about. Grandpa Pearson’s farm is based off of the actual farm my grandparents owned in northeastern Nebraska. In addition to new locales, a few new characters are introduced. Of the new additions, Samson, was my favorite one to write into the story. I think my fans would agree that he is a likeable guy, even though there is a mystery to his involvement. I smile because I know the ending. Yes, book 3 is written. Look for release by the summer of 2013.

  We get to know the four teens a little better in this book, and my readers will enjoy more history about Sam, Alexis, and Ray. I hope you shed a tear and I hope you laugh while you read On The Run. Most importantly, I hope you love it, so I have a reason to keep writing.

Order ON THE RUN here.


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