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  1. Hi Chris, What is the age group that this book is geared toward. I read some of the first chapter and I think it would be suitable for a 10 year old. If so I would consider buying it for my oldest grandson. Would he fall into the correct age group? Thanks for the info and hope you have continued success in your writings. Bessie Whitehead, Shenandoah, Iowa.

    • cdraabe says:

      My 10 year old read the book and enjoyed it. The vocabulary may be up there for a ten year old, but the content is pretty safe. There is underage drinking, but it isn’t glorified, in fact, the negatives of drinking are high lighted in the novel.

  2. Bessie Whitehead says:

    Hi Chris!

    Thought I would bug you one more time. Was wondering if there is a notification list that I could be put on so as I would not miss your next book signing in Red Oak.

    The “Cool Grandma” that I am, I have decided to give my two grandsons the books now. I have already put a call into them to come pick up their books. When you have the next book signing I will give those books to the boys for Christmas.

    I know, I am not a diciplined Grandmother as I can’t wait to give your books to them. I decided to get them each a copy instead of just the older one as they can read them together and make a memmory they can treasure. I have always told my two sons to never forget to make memories, and so this “memory tradition” can be passed on in the form of your books.

    So good to meet you today and looking forward to your next signing.

  3. Mary Jfane Bell says:

    Chris, Our library purchased the trilogy series, as soon as it was cataloged on Monday after noon I checked out #1, yesterday I checked out 2 and 3. I’m about a hours worth of reading from finishing #3 and haven’t got a clue how it will end. Love the books. I don’t read teen books, but have to plan a teen program for a course I’m taking, I’m going to feature your three books! Hope that is okay. Mary Jane Bell

  4. Alexis Bannner says:

    It was a lovely book, but I think it has a little too much detail

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