The Darkest Hour

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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  “Why do you write?”

  That question was posed to me by a youngster who doesn’t care much for writing.  I laughed and said, “Because the page is blank.  Blank pages aren’t much to look at, so I write on them to fill them up.  Do you like to draw?”  He nodded.  “Well, my style of art is writing.  I like to fill a page with words that paint pictures.”

  “That’s weird,” he responded, but that answer seemed to satisfy my little friend.

  It just so happened that after that conversation, I pulled a book off my shelf by a mentor of mine.  We haven’t spoken in a while, but I often ponder some of the things he taught me.  The book is called Facing the Blank Page, and it is a book of essays.  I know… essays… but if you read blogs, which you obviously do if you are reading this right now, you tend to read essays of some fashion.

  Really, each day is a blank page for us.  Our life is one long book with pages and pages of stories.  Some of the chapters in my book are covered with bright colorful words of great triumph and others are muddled in the gray gloom of hurt and pain.  You might even have a page or two of pitch black, a period of tremendous grief and heartache.

  I have had my share of those pages, more than I care to remember, but there is still something special about those pages.  Those darkest moments in our lives tend to be followed by some of the greatest victories.

  There is a story I hear time and time again about one of those moments in time, a darkest hour.  It involved a man who laid down his life for others.  He was ridiculed, beaten, mocked, and flogged.  Then some soldiers tied him to a cross and drove nails through his hands and feet.  A crown of thorns was placed on his head, probably smashed down onto his head, actually.  He experienced immense pain and suffering for you and for me.  It was the darkest hour of our human history, but… three days later He rose from the grave.  Jesus, my Savior, rose from the dead.  Talk about triumph!

  Very recently, I had a darkest hour.  It was a day that no matter how much I want to forget it, I never will.  And no matter how bad it was, I have to remember that it pales in comparison to what Jesus did on the cross for me.  In fact, my darkest hour has turned into a great chapter of my life, one that I will look back on and thank God for the triumph he established in me.

  I am not perfect, not even remotely close.  Who is?  That is why God sent his Son.  If you have not heard the story of Jesus, it is one that you must hear, and as luck would have it, you are sitting on the doorstep of the best time of year to hear it.  It is the story of Easter, and it is a page turner.  If you could read the pages of my book, you would understand why I am inviting you to seek out the story of Jesus.

  What do you want to write on the next blank page?


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