Fight! Fight! Fight!

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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   I had an interesting Friday, recently. Perhaps you saw it on the local Omaha news on Thursday evening. Oh, you don’t see me in the video, but I was there. There was a fight between two high school girls, and it was uploaded to youtube and facebook.

   For starters, don’t believe the news. Secondly, quit calling my school. I don’t know for sure if anyone has called, but I know human nature and the blame game, so I am positive they have. The news program reported that the fight occurred on our school campus and no one did anything to stop it. The video showed tons of cars in the parking lot in the background.

   The only thing the news got right was that it happened on our school grounds. It was Friday, but it was 4:45 at night, almost two hours after school had released for the day. The parking lot was empty except for three cars as I walked to my own car. While pulling out of the lot, I noticed a string of cars driven by high school students filing around to the back of my school. I flipped around and parked in the front of the building, walked to the office, and notified an administrator that there was trouble out back.

   As we walked into the parking lot, I could hear the crowd of high school students chanting “FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!” It was soon followed by “TEACHER! TEACHER!”

   The students scattered like roaches when a light turns on! Cars screamed from the lot as we tried to ascertain who was involved in the fight. With cell phone camera ready, I snapped a couple shots of one of the fighters and the other one’s get-a-way car, license included. Then I went back into the building to spend some time going through yearbooks to try to identify the one fighter I saw. I sent a text to my wife that I was going to be home late. The district was notified; the high schools were notified.

   Needless to say, the news reporting was all wrong, but I wonder if it usually is reported incorrectly or without all the facts. Do we usually jump to judgment before knowing the truth? Do we declare guilt based on what the news tells us? There is always a story, and the news programs don’t have enough time to tell the whole story. It’s not their fault. It is simply the way it is.

   I was appalled to hear that no one broke the fight up since I was the one who walked through the NASCAR race to get out of our parking lot. I was also bothered by comments that the school doesn’t care. I was already late getting home, and I could have easily kept on driving because I wanted to see my family. BUT, I didn’t!

   I turned around and did what educators do. I thought it smelled fishy and I investigated it.  None of those kids were going to stop the fight. I know; I watched the video. The girl pleaded for help, and not one of those kids stepped in to stop it.  Had I not turned around on a Friday evening and lengthened my work day, one of those kids could have ended up in the hospital or worse. Yeah, the news reports what they know… Sometimes, they don’t know jack!


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