Cats and Fraggles and other pests

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know why the fraggle was up so early this morning, but I know it was up because the cat was meowing like something was pulling its tail. Yes, I have a cat, two actually. Our oldest feline is missing one ear, so we named him Vincent. (Yes, after the artist.) We don’t know how it happened since he came to us that way, and he doesn’t really like talking about it, so we leave it be. Our second cat, Bella, is a feisty little bugger. Vincent trapped her under the couch for two days when she first joined the family, and I don’t think she has ever let that go… WOMEN!

  Anyway, the fraggle was up early tormenting one of them. Oh, you don’t know what fraggles are? I’m sorry. Fraggles are little creatures that we can’t see, but I know they exist because for absolutely no reason, my cats will perk up and dart out of the room after something. My sister was the first to explain this strange phenomenon of the fraggle/cat relationship. She told me you will never see a fraggle but that the cats can see them and hear them. She graduated from Iowa State, so she knows this stuff.

  If you have a cat, well, then you have fraggles. They are not like fleas, which you may also have if you have a cat. No, a fraggle is part of the gnome family; at least, I think it is. We have a gnome living in our house, too. I will get back to him in a second. The fraggle is a creature that humans have never seen in real life, but a cat can sense their presence. It explains why cats will do what they do, which is lie around for 23 hours and spend one hour a day hunting fraggles.

  No, my cats don’t care about the gnome living in our house, but they can’t resist the temptation to chase a fraggle. We have a car-key gnome. I know my wife is the one who inadvertently brought it into the house, because she is the one who can never find the keys to her car. Today, she told me over the phone that she couldn’t find her keys anywhere. I told her to go back and check in the van. That darn gnome put them back in the ignition. I know there are a lot of people who battle car-key gnomes in their homes.  I called a pest solution company about it, and they hung up on me. I guess they know how hard it is to get gnomes and fraggles out of homes so why bother.

  So the next time your cat does something strange, don’t worry, it’s just fraggles. They are the harmless creatures, and you hardly notice they are around, except when your cat gallops out of the room like its tail is on fire.

  Well, that’s all for now. Hey, remember, my second book of the Phenomenon Trilogy, ON THE RUN will be available for purchase as an ebook and in print format on January 15. Hey, where did I put my cell phone? It was sitting here on the table just a minute ago. Oh no, the kids must have let a cell phone gnome into the house. I will have to call that pest solutions place again, but I heard those are the hardest gnomes to get rid of from a home.

  1. Fred says:

    The meanest gnomes in my house are the TV remote gnomes. They are always stealing my TV remotes and hiding them in hard to find places. They are relentless.

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