A Dodge Ball Day That Will Live In Infamy

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
Batman and The Grammar Hammer prepare for a dodge ball fundraiser

Batman and The Grammar Hammer prepare for a dodge ball fundraiser

  That is me on the right, in case you couldn’t recognize me in my super hero garb. I am “The Grammar Hammer” for the staff team known as “The EdVengers.”  Today, we hold the largest student involved activity in our district.  Approximately 70 percent of our student body will participate as either spectators or players in the AMS Dodge Ball Tournament.  That will mean about 600 students will hang out after school in our gym, cafeteria, and commons for the event.  The tournament raises money for our athletic teams, so we can cycle out uniforms older than the students wearing them.

  Dressed in my “uniform” this morning, I ran into a lone student in the hallway about an hour before the start of the school day.  He is a kid who rarely cracks a smile and seems genuinely disinterested in learning.  When I came around the corner, he peered up from behind his locker door and caught sight of my super hero outfit.  For the first time this year, I heard him laugh.

  “That’s pretty cool, Mr. Raabe,” was all he said, as he chuckled while his English teacher strode past him.

   “The Grammar Hammer reminds you to revise and edit, young citizen,” I replied.

  He laughed again.

  That is why the people who teach middle school are a bit on the strange side.  We do things that normal people wouldn’t even attempt, but the kids in our building appreciate what we do.  I guess, I am who I teach… a middle school kid at heart.  I wonder what the people will say when the teachers show up at the afterhours restaurant to celebrate the end of another successful tournament.

  Citizens, you need to remember, that strange man you meet in a Wal-World who is checking out the pantyhose section in the women’s underwear department; well, he may not be the pervert you think he is.  He may actually be a super hero to over 800 middle school students!  Well, at least he can play the role of a super hero during a dodge ball day that will live in infamy.

The hammers say revise and edit on them.

The hammers say revise and edit on them.


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